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All correspondence relating to publication in the Journal should be addressed to the journal website

Papers are considered on the understanding that they are the work solely of the author(s) stated, that they have not and will not be published elsewhere, nor are under consideration by another periodical. All papers submitted for publication are subject to assessment by independent referees in the area of specialty. The acceptance date established the priority for publication.

A cover letter signed by all authors should identify the person (with address and telephone, fax numbers and E-mail) responsible for negotiations concerning the manuscript; the letter should clearly state that the final manuscript has been seen and approved by all the authors.

The text (maximum 15 pages) should be typewritten on only one side of A4 size paper; the line should be double spaced, font size should be 14 with margins not less than 2.5 cm on left and right, as well as top and bottom of each page. Following the revision of the manuscript, authors will be requested to submit the Final version on C.D in addition to one copy printout of the paper. The following programs are acceptable: Microsoft Word for Windows, Word for Apple Macintosh.


The sections of the manuscript should be arranged in the following order with each section starting on a new page, under the following headings:


The title page should include the title of the article, full name (s) of the authors (s),  academic degrees, and institutional affiliations and position. The corresponding author's address, telephone, e-mail and fax numbers should be given.


Provide an abstract of 250 words or less. Briefly state the problem or purpose, the major observations, the methods, and the principal conclusions. In addition, authors are asked to provide up to five Index Words, in alphabetical order, to be used as an aid to indexing.


Include the following sections: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion. The article should finish with Conclusions when appropriate, followed by Acknowledgments where necessary.


The reference list should be typed on a separate page. Make sure that all reference is arranged in the same numerical order, as have been mentioned in the text.


Author(s) family name followed by initials, Title, Abbreviated title of The Journal, Year; Volume: First and last page of the article.


Author(s) family name followed by initials, Title, Edition, City, Publisher, year: First and the last page of the article.


Chapter(s) author(s) family name followed by initials, Tile of the chapter(s) In Book author(s) family name followed by initials, Tile of the book, Edition, City, publisher, Year First and last page of the chapter.


Each table should be typed on a separate sheet of paper. The number of tables and the heading must be typed at the top of the tables. All tables and illustrations should be referred to in the text.


Illustrations should be kept to a reasonable number. Three copies of each illustration should be submitted but two of these may be high quality photocopies.


Should be colored or black and white glossy prints, and should be unmounted. Each illustration must be clearly marked on the reverse side lightly in pencil with the figure number and the author's name, and the top of the figure should be indicated with an arrow.

LEGENDS FOR ILLUSTRATIONS AND TABLES Should be typed on a separate sheet.